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We are an exclusive jewellery design & manufacturing studio, specialising in bespoke pieces made to order.


Our service is tailored to each individual with our one on one design sessions to make sure that the piece designed is perfect for you.

We use only high palladium, nickel free white gold. It produces a whiter finish and is the highest quality available on the market. We also alloy our own gold from pure bullion including custom rose gold colours.


Our jewellery is hand-made by a master jeweller with over 26 years on the bench, producing the finest quality pieces with a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship.


We can source any shape and size Diamonds or Gemstones you are after from Pink Diamonds to Ceylon Sapphires.


We don't use CAD design, whilst it has its place in the market, we believe that a computer designed and cast piece cannot compete with the quality, skill and passion we put into every individual piece required to make something that you will love and wear for the rest of your life. 

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment in our private studio

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